Sad News For Ghanaians As 40% Increase In Transport Fares

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The Concerned Drivers Association of Ghana (C-DAG) has announced a 40% increment in transport fares across the country from Monday, January 17, 2022.

According to the Association, the increase has become necessary due to the unbearable hardship bedeviling drivers.

It must be noted that we commiserate with Ghanaians on the current economic hardship but in order to keep us in business, we are left with no other option but to adjust transport fares a little upward which is a 40% increment,” part of the statement released on January 10 read.

The group further explained that the 40% increase in fares is influenced by a number of factors/reasons including the price of fuel at the pumps, the increase in the prices of vehicles and the increment of spare parts and lubricants.

It must be noted that we also experience the economic conditions of the country. It has become extremely difficult for us to manage our homes as prices of basic commodities, including sachet water have also seen an upward increment,” the statement added.

The Association has also urged the Ghanaian public to avoid fighting drivers and their conductors (mates) when the new fares are implemented.

Kindly read full statement below;



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