Sad News As Pastor Commits Suicide Over Offertory at Tabre

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The pastor of Latter-Day Believers Centre, a one-man church at the Tabre community within the Atwima Kwanwoma district of the Ashanti Region has taken his own life this morning, over for his involvement in misusing church offertory.

Pastor Michael Afrane, a junior pastor serving under the deceased pastor Eddie Bremang, was sure the threats he made to the deceased pastor was what made him took his life early this morning.

Pastor Eddie Bremang is a 42 year old man who went to pastoral school at The Lords Teaching School in 2011. Pastor Bremang after attaining pastoral certificates, went to study under his godfather Rev. Boadi before coming to set up a church on his own.

Pastor Bremang through his leadership and submission spirit, was given 15,000 cedis when he was leaving his godfather Rev Boadi, and it was with the same money, he used to set up his own church at Tabre. The church has since been operating on its own until 2017 when the pastor went back to the Lords Teachings School to give him junior pastors which will serve under him and get pastoral service trainings before graduation.

This brought Pastor Bremang’s church under the supervision of the Lords Teachings School where he got his pastoral certificates and where the junior to partner with.

Pastor Eddie Bremang built his church and didn’t profited from it until the school partnered him in 2017 to make his church a powerful one.

He has been pastoring at the church and taking offertory which he uses for his gains, until yesterday when his junior pastors threatened to report him to the Lords Teachings board which is controlled by Rev Akoduah Beatrice.

Rev Akodua Beatrice was not the biological mother of Pastor Bremang, but she was the spiritual mother who even encouraged the pastor to partner the school with so he can build his church and get paid at the same time. He was to send parts of the weekly offertory to the school administration while he kept the rest but the pastor failed to do so from January of this year to date.

He usually blames the attendance on the restrictions and wrote to the school mostly that, he was not making any offertory in the church because of the restrictions.

The school appointed one of the junior pastors to monitor the happenings in the church and report back to the school administration on the financial standings of the church, so they can know either to support them or otherwise.

It was during the audit books that lead the junior pastor Michael Afrane to find out, Pastor Bremang had bought another land and was building a house on it.

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Pastor Bremang was a full-time pastor who was not doing other jobs, so where he got the money to buy the land and building the house was something Afrane Michael couldn’t explain.

Afrane confronted pastor Bremang over the school’s directive to him on investigating the church’s finances, and Pastor Bremang agreed to refund all the money he took from the church’s books which were to go to the school but he couldn’t fulfill his words until Monday 17 May 2021, when junior pastor Michael Afrane threaten to report him to their leader Rev. Akodua Beatrice.

Pastor Bremang might have felt the humiliation he was going to suffer if Pastor Michael Afrane did report him to Rev Beatrice Akodua and took his own life this morning, over fear that Rev Beatrice will be at Tabre today if Michael Afrane had already reported him to her.

Pastor Bremang hung himself to the orange tree at the back of his house and killed himself. The body has been taken to the Atwima Mponua mortuary whiles church leaders continue to find the medical cause of his death.

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