SAD: Jackie Chan Is 400M Dollars Rich And Famous But His Children Are Very Poor And Homeless. Here’s Why

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Hello Everyone, how are you all doing. Hope you are enjoying this great and amazing weekend. On today’s article, I’ll bring to your notice, the life of one of the world’s biggest movie star and legend Jackie Chan.

Sometimes, you never know what to expect from life. Some people were born very poor and struggled make ends meet with their parents and siblings while others are born into rich and wealthy homes, yet still struggle like the poor as well.



Well, almost everybody knows or have heard of Jackie Chan because he’s definitely a legend and also a household name. But I’m still going to introduce him anyways. Jackie Chan is an action movie legend from Hong Kong. He is also an American by law. He is a famous martial artist, actor, film director, producer, stuntman and even singer. He’s the probably the world’s no.1 kunfu and martial arts master who has graced our screens for so many decades and years.

Jackie Chan has two children with his late wife Jacey Chan. A son called Jacey Chan(who he named after his wife) and a daughter called Etta Chan. See a picture of Jackie Chan and his two children when they were young below;



Jackie Chan is one of the world’s richest and most famous movie superstars. According to Forbes, Jackie Chan’s net worth is currently around a whooping 400 million dollars, yet his children are like street beggars. Relax, I’ll be telling their story in a moment.

So, this is why Jacki Chan’s two children are not living a good life. I’ll start with his Son, Jacey Chan. See a picture of Jacey below;

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“I’m heartbroken and shocked'”, Jackie Chan said in an interview in 2014 after his only son who should have followed his footsteps was arrested and charged to prison over trafficking. His son, Jacey Chan was arrested and jailed for the possession and distribution of hard drugs in China, and for accommodating drug users at his apartment in Beijing.



The news spread like wildflower and Jackie Chan became the subject of mockery all over the internet over his inability to raise his son properly. This eventually led him into anger and he ended up disowning and cutting ties with his only son.

Fast forward to 2017, Jackie Chan was hit by another scandal. This one proved to be the worst. See a picture of Etta Chan below:



Etta Chan is Jackie Chan’s only daughter but turns out she wasn’t raised properly and for that reason, she ended up becoming one of those ladies who doesn’t like men but prefer their fellow women. Jackie Chan threw her out of his mansion in China after she went live on air to proclaim and confirm herself as a les….

The incident was really shocking to everyone because they had thought that at least Jackie had one good child carrying on his legacy after he disowned his only son in 2014. But it turns out that his daughter would be worse. Jacki Chan is strongly against same good gender marriage so he didn’t waste time to disown Etta as well.

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And that was how Etta started living under bridges with her female pal for over a year until in 2018, through the help of a friend, she was able to get her own apartment where she quickly moved in with the lady and soon afterwards they got married.

As if telling the world that she was into women wasn’t enough, Etta also got married to the lady. That caused a lot of outburst on social media and also led to more outbreak for Jackie Chan.



So later in 2018, news came that he had rewritten his will for his entire fortune and wealth to be given to the less privileged and poor people if eventually he passes on. He confirmed this news on an interview with BBC. That means, neither his son, nor his daughter would be getting a dime or any property from him when he leaves this earth. That’s really sad right?

Even till today, Jackie Chan is still getting a lot of insults and backlash from the media over his inability to raise his children to be decent and quiet like him. According to sources, he was always too busy traveling around the world and acting movies for money and fame that he forgot to teach his children good etiquettes.



Well my dear readers, this is where I end the story.

Moral lesson: Even though you are rich and famous, make sure to spare some time to raise your children properly. Money isn’t everything. If you prioritise money and fame over family, someday you might regret it.

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