Sad As Little Girl Battles For Her Life After Snake Bites Her While Using The Toilet- [WATCH]

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A Nigerian family is in ‘agony’ over the fear of losing their little daughter who suffered a snake bite at home while using the toilet.

The child who is now battling for her life in a hospital was caught in the butt by the fungs of the venomous reptile which was hiding in the toilet bowl.

The distraught father of the hospitalised little girl took to Facebook to narrate how the life-threatening incident happened.

Sharing his plight, Ekwere Emeka Christian wrote: “My daughter went to the toilet, as she sat the pan just busted and the snake has bitten her. She is now bleeding and we are right now rushing her to UNTH. Please people pray 4 my daughter, her life is in real danger. Please check or flush b4 using the toilet. We are in agony as a family.”

The incident occurred in Enugu in Nigeria’s capital city of Enugu State where the family resides.

In other related stories, a chilling video showing the moment two pythons were discovered in a family home in Malaysia has stirred reactions after going viral.

The large snakes, capable of reaching 23 feet or more in length, were seemingly mating in the plywood board ceiling of the house when they were noticed.

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Occupants of the building called on the Malaysia Civil Defence Force, popularly known as APM, who then moved in swiftly to remove the reptiles from their danger-posing habitat.

The terrifying video has seemingly left many with goosebumps.


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