Rules Cannot Be Bended For Your Sake-Paul Adom Otchere Sends Bold Message To Kennedy Agyapong; Details Dropped-CHECK.

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Kennedy Agyapong over the weekend made a lot of commentary when interviewed by various media houses during the NPP delegates conference. The Assin Central MP was seen making serious allegations and counter arguments. Kennedy in an interview told Annie Ampofo of Metro TV that he prays that the grassroots people vote against the big wigs. He explained them some of the previous executives cared less about the grassroots people and it was time for revenge.

Kennedy went on to allege that he was asked to bring 2 people to the military for recruitment and yet when the two went they were disqualified on health reasons. In Kennedy’s own words, the military didn’t even consider his role as head of the Defense and Interior Committee of Parliament. He questioned what will then happen to ordinary people when people like himself were even being rejected.

Paul Adom on Good Evening Ghana however said that what happened was good for the government because it shows that the government isn’t partial. He explained that rules cannot be bended just for the sake of personalities in power. He called on Kennedy to know that rules are working and that the government wants the best brains and not those who get called because of their connection to certain people.

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“This his issue about getting 2 people in the military that didn’t work has gone viral. I don’t know why he was upset. People have to pass medicals. The fact that you bring somebody doesn’t mean they have to relax the rules for the person. If you are going to the military, medicals are key,” Paul explained.

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