Retraction and Apology: Businessman Mr. Harris Ansu Gyeabour Owusu Has Nothing To Do With The Name Ansu Gyeabour, The Alleged Killer Of Ahmed Suale

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We want to use this opportunity to communicate to the general public that Businessman, Mr. Harris Ansu Gyeabor Owusu’s picture was mistakenly used as Ansu Gyeabour, the Man Honourable Kennedy Agyapong mentioned as the alleged killer of Ahmed Suale.

Mr. Harris Ansu Gyeabor Owusu is an Honourable man whose name is popular but has nothing to do with the pending allegations regarding Ahmed Suale’s death. It is a coincidence that the accused person bears his surname, Ansu Gyeabor.

It is unfortunate the picture of him was used on our portal without proper cross-checking. Note, His picture was not used to defame him or cause any harm.

In line with this, we use this platform to apologise to him for all the inconveniences caused, and we entreat all his business partners, family members and friends to disregard the report to which his picture was used.

To show that we feel remorse, the picture used in the said story has been removed.

Once again, we are deeply sorry and humbly appeal for his forgiveness.

See the invalid link here:



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