Reduce The Intake Of Crayfish, If You Don’t Want To Suffer From Any Of These Two Dangerous Disease-Doctor Warn

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Who doesn’t like to eat crayfish? Of course, few people don’t like to eat cray, but many people around the world prefer to have seafood compared to red meats. It’s because seafood provides a number of health benefits and tastier than non-vegetarian foods. Even though it provides a number of health benefits, there are few risks to eating crayfish.


According to the information he shared, the doctor made it known that mental ill-health conditions are debilitating, which means that they don’t allow people to function, and one of the main causes of this is the food people eat.

Eating crayfish is good for your health but it could be just the opposite. Due to the levels of pollution in the oceans, seafood is often contaminated. It could cause mild to severe poisoning. Not many people have a good experience eating it. So, you should be careful where to buy and eat crayfish.

The risks of unnecessarily eating crayfish for people’s mental well-being as neuroscientists and neuroradiologists have been disclosed by Prof. Chidi Njemanze in an article published this morning by Punch Newspaper.


He said that most people who consume large amounts of crayfish eat it for their taste. Rather, they prefer to cook it in huge amounts of crayfish, which is detrimental to their wellbeing because people do not want to cook cubes or a single meal.

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Professor Chidi has declared unreasonable clotting, causing heart failure or stroke, of an insulin-like protein known as cranium protein binding the blood. He said the insulin-like protein reaches the rein and blocks the blood vessels, causing high blood pressure when a high intake of crayfish is present.

In Bayelsa State and Rivers State as a model, he points out that there are a large number of young boys and girls under high blood pressure, and their life expectancy is low as they eat a lot of crayfish.

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