Reasons Why You Must Not Fight On Elections Day- [Check Out]

Key Things Not To Do On Elections Day To Avoid Violence -[IMPORTANT]
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It is high times you change your mindset about elections, most especially those being hired to cause mayhem on elections day and this piece by MyLifeGuide will help you to do that.

As it is clearly put, an election is a way people can choose their candidate or their preferences in a representative democracy or other forms of government. Winning presidential elections depend on the majority parliamentary or Legislature seats a particular party wins.

Being used to cause violence on election day makes you appear inhuman. And below will teach you why you need not fight after and before elections.

First- How Many Children or Relatives of Candidates Involve in Causing Mayhem?. The answer to this question should give you a reason not to be used to engage in electoral violence.

Second -Who Enjoys The Most When a Party comes to Power?. Verily, we know that the children and relatives of politicians enjoy the most and you who labored hard to bring the party to power is left to his fate. No one even remembers your efforts.

Third – What is the Relationship between Contenders?. Do you see them using weapons at each other?. Virtually no, yes you are either hired or in your own desire fight your friends just for elections seek. While the contenders live happily. How many times have you seen the majority and minority fight in parliament?. Think!!!!!

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Lastly, How often Do You See Your MPs or Legislatures?. You sparingly see them, unless election time is due. So at home, if you need support who then do you turn to for that?. Mostly, those that you live with and do not belong to the same party. It time we see ourselves as one that being divided by someone’s gains.

Note: Remember that your God and family are the only political parties you should be much particular about. Whether your choice candidate wins or not you will still live. But, get killed in an attempt to fight for someone to get into power and your creator and family will be sorry for bringing forth you. Think about this and stop being part of electoral violence.


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