READ:4 Things Teachers Associations are Failing to Do

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The Ghana Education Service has four(4) Associations and it’s obvious most teachers believe they are failing to do what is necessary for the welfare of teachers.

The Developments most teachers expect them to undertake to include the following list of suggestions.

Firstly, the Association should hire experienced lawyers for teachers to be able to afford legal services when the need arises, some teachers are being treated unfairly by lots of institutions including Insurance Companies, Banks after they take loans, Sometimes state institutions such as the Social Security and National Insurance trust sometimes fail to pay teachers what’s due them because they have no legal backing to fight for them. Lawyers are very important in our social lives most especially when it comes to running state institutions such as GES, Smoothly.

Secondly, Teachers Associations Should build More Private Schools to champion the course of Educational Development, Some of these retired teachers from those associations can be called upon to teach in such private schools established by teacher Associations, we can make private Education Accessible if possible any teacher within the association can enroll their children for free, such initiatives build associations and make them strong, Schools like “GNAT Basic School and SHS”, NAGRAT College of Sciences CCT Education Complex’, TEWU Technical Education Complex won’t be a bad idea.

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Thirdly, the teachers Association Can Sponsor Some Best Performing Students in the Country, which builds more respect for Teachers, you can imagine CCT or GNAT Sponsoring 10 Best Students in Ghana through Technical Teacher Education Courses, Sponsoring good students to become teachers should be the goal of associations in order to mentor good students into teaching.

Lastly, Teachers Associations should ensure Education Related courses are not scattered all over the country so cheaply through Distance Education, you can’t see other professional courses scattered around, courses such as Civil Engineering, Health Sciences, Estate Management, etc, this should tell us that Education is being thrown to the dogs in a way by some universities, the mature entry mode for distance in order to be enrolled should be removed from education-related courses. Education courses should be offered via post-diploma Mode, that is after one has been able to attend a college or has offered a diploma via direct mode. I’m yours Truly, Tuorimuo Elvis Philip. GES Associations have quite a significant distance to cover and has to begin with addressing these major concerns raised by some concerned groups.


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