Read Why GES And Teachers Union Meeting Ends In Stalemate – Read Details

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Reports indicated that the meeting between the Ghana Education Services and Teachers union did not end conclusively as expected.

The meeting between the Ghana Education Services GES and Teachers Unions were about the implementation of the semester-based academic calendar for the public pre-tertiary schools across the country.

However, according to reports, the meeting follows alleged accusations by the Ghana Teachers Unions GNAT, NAGRAT, TEWU and CCT that the Ghana Education Service GES failed on their part to engaged collaboratively before coming out with the new calendar.

On that note, Cassandra Twum Ampofo who is the Public Relations Officer of the Ghana Education Service GES Spoke to Citi News indicated that a meeting between the GES and the Teachers union did not end well because they did not agree to the argument they presented before the union.

” We meet the Teachers union, we presented our argument before them, just like they did. They insisted we go back to the Trimester system. We were not able to resolve”, she indicated.

Additionally, Cassandra Twum Ampofo again revealed that they called on the Teachers Union again after the last meeting in the coming weeks so that they can finally conclude their arguments and see the way forward for serious business.

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Meanwhile, the Ghana Teachers Union have declared that they will not condone to tang effort to push their demands (demands of GED) in the country.

Therefore, the Teachers Union calls for the withdrawal of the timetable which introduces a semester-based curriculum for students in kindergarten and primary.

However, the decision of the Teachers union on the other hand to resort to the semester system for the academic year has led to opposition magnetising with a lot of pull and push from both sides.

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