Police Recruitment: Ghana Immigration and Fire Service Need a “Dampare” to Lead them.

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The Ghana police service and the IGP have made another impressive move that has won many Ghanaians. Indeed, this move goes to explain the fact that the Ghana Police is experiencing a new paradigm of leadership that doesn’t tolerate mediocrely and/or errors.

Just recently, the Immigration Service and the Fire Service were seen screening people for their services. Young Ghanaians were made to stand in the scorching sun and some were made to sit on the dirty ground for no apparent reason. These services (Fire and Immigration) made some young ones run and do some press-ups as though they were at the training center.

However, the Ghana Police Service didn’t repeat the ill-treatment meted out to young Ghanaians by the Immigration and Fire service. The Ghana Police service has distributed all applicants to a 2-week exercise. In there, a few people will meet at the center, get seated, served with water, and get screened in peace under a shade. So, what circumvented the other services from using this same strategy? They made young people stay under the sun for long hours, with some collapsing.

This is why all these services need a leader like Dr. George Dampare to cause some impressive effects to their outfit. It is high time all institutions in Ghana grow and organize smooth recruitment exercises when that time comes.

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