PHOTOS: MTN Rwanda Bought 10 Electric Cars – Check Details

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The MTN Telecommunication network company in Rwanda has bought 10 electric cars to it’s fleet to aid the government of Rwanda on its mission and goal to achieve zero carbon emissions by 2030 as plan.

Rwanda has been one of the most climate & environment conscious countries on earth, with banning of single use plastics & also plans to introduce electric motorcycle taxis in the near future.

The excessive release of the destructive carbons from the car engines and other machines in Rwanda is noted to have attributed to the high records of some respiratory disease and other underline health implications in the country.

However, this may have compelled the MTN Telecommunication network company in Rwanda to take up the mantle of supporting the government to achieve zero carbon emissions as aimed by the year 2030 to come.

Furthermore, the electric cars are well modernized with a rechargeable battery to be recharge if power go down.

This new development was published by the ‘de African Tower’ social media Facebook page on the 14th of December 2021 monitored by mylifeguideonline news.


Source: Africa Facts Zone


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