Photos: Disgusting African Rituals that Still Exist to Date

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Land diving in progress. Image: Courtesy.

After the colonial period, many African communities abandoned their traditions after getting civilization from the western culture. Nevertheless, that did not stop some communities from clinging to of their barbaric cultures, some proving too nasty to believe they actually existed, like the ones listed below.

Sleeping with Corpses- Kenya


Image: Courtesy.


Back in the time, the natives of Nyanza province in western region of Kenya instructed women to sleep with their dead husbands’ bodies before burial. Moreover, Luo widows are expected to get in the act with a “cleanser,” without the use of any protection, in order to remove the impurity ascribed to her after her husband’s death.

Juggling with a cow’s privates- Ethiopia.

One of the 86 ethnic groups in Ethiopia are the Suri. People in this community believe that for a cow to produce more milk, one has to constantly “eat” its nether parts while fondling their udders.


Image: Courtesy


The science being applied here is of another level!

“Checking gadget stability” of groom- Uganda


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In the Banyankole tribe of Uganda, a country found in East Africa, the bride’s aunt has to undergo a mandatory “marathon” with the groom to be, so as to check the capabilities of his performance before being allowed to take away one of their own.

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 Drinking water from the dead- Malawi


Image: Courtesy.


Chewa, one of the native tribes in Malawi had a custom whereby whenever a member of the family died, they took the body to a sacred shrine, slit the throat of the dead, pour in water and there after cut an outlet in the stomach to “collect” the very water.

This water is then used to cook meals during the funeral.

Sipping male “juices”- Papua, New Guinea



Young boys of Sambia tribe in Papua-New Guinea passed through one of the disgusting rite of passage that has ever recorded. Image: Courtesy.

According to the tribe, males are not born with semen and so, during a ceremony called Maku, the boys participate in “fellatio”.

When a boy turns 7 years, he starts feeding on semen of older men. It is believed that by so doing, they grow stronger and braver. The more the quantity the stronger the champ becomes.

 Choosing a new husband every year- Morocco.

Women of Wadaabe tribe of Morocco are allowed to choose a new husband every New Year.

During this bizarre season, a ceremony is held and men paint their faces.


Image: Courtesy.


Women are then allowed to sleep with as many men they wish as possible on that date until she finally lands a new catch. Thinking of relocating?

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