Our Husbands Just ‘Enter’ Us Straight, No Foreplay, No Romance, We Need Help — Sirigu women complain

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Young sexy girls in Sirigu a community in the Kasena-Nankana West District of the Upper East Region are snatching husbands from their wives who dress like nuns, some wives have complained.

According to the wives, it is against their customs and tradition to dress “sexy” after marriage and that is forcing their husbands to go in for young ladies who dress to kill and arouse.

This is contained in a report by Bolgatanga-based A1 Radio.

One of the women whose name is given as Jessica Ayerikia spoke to the Bolgatanga-based Radio Station said “Our husbands are looking at the small small girls in the village more than their wives. The reason is that, nowadays, the ladies, the way they dress is different from we the married women. Because we cannot dress like an unmarried woman, our husbands feel the way the girls dress so they go to them and leave us”.

Apart from cheating on them with young ladies, these women complained about the sexual abuses they suffer at the hands of their hubands.

“A man can return home from a funeral ground drank and without bathing, he will want to have sex with you. And when you refuse him sex, maybe you are tired or you are menstruating, he will start beating you and saying your body belongs to him. When that happens to a lady, that lady will always feel shy to tell somebody that my husband beats me last night because I refuse to have sex with him. We always keep it and it is killing us emotionally,” another woman, Martha Anaaya told A1 Radio.

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The women made these revelations at the launch of the ‘Equal Rights and Opportunities for Women and Girls’ project (EROP) held at Sirigu by the Presbyterian Health Service.

The project which will run for a year seeks to empower women and the girlchild to fight against sexual and any gender-based abuses.

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