OMG!!! lady Pours Hot Water On Her Boyfriend, Beat Him Like A Child For Cheating On Her – video

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A video going viral and generating attention on social media captures the moment a woman poured water on her sleeping boyfriend and flogged him after she caught him cheating.

Relationship these days easily gets on social media and collapses in no time because the modern generation has taken the various media platforms as their homes where they flaunt their relationship issues and emotions.
On the other hand, both men and women who are already into relationships are choosing multi partners for themselves due to reasons best known to them.

When caught, some decide to end the relationship, others prefer suicide but this particular lady decided to teach her boyfriend the lesson of his life.

In the video, the lady who looks pissed poured water on the sleeping boyfriend and jumped on him for beatings.

The man, who seems to have regretted his actions refused to retaliate as he showed some sign of remorse.

watch Video below:


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