NPP Will Be Declared Winners Of The 2024 General Elections  – Prophet Badu Kobi Makes A Shocking Prophecy

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The founder and leader of Glorious Wave Church International, Prophet Badu Kobi has finally revealed the political party that will be declared as the winner of the 2024 general elections.Speaking to his church members this morning, Prophet Babu Kobi clearly revealed that the NPP will be declared as the winning party for the 2024 elections. He added that the incident which happened in 2020 is likely to happen in 2024.
It will be declared in 2024 that the ruling party has won again. And the opposition will say No this time. The opposition will get a lot of support but the NPP will still say that they won’t get up” he said.

After making this statement, Prophet Badu Kobi added that NDC will not agree to this result. He added that a lot of blood will be shed in the country. He urged his church members to be prayerful because what he has seen will surely come to pass if prayer is not said.

He continued and revealed that the NPP has no plans to leave office in 2024 and for that reason, they have started making plans towards that target.

Click here to watch the video(1:29:00 onwards)

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