Novelty As 70-year-old Woman Is Still Virgin And Single, searching For Husband: Check Out Details Here

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To give her younger siblings a good education, a 70-year-old woman rejected all proposals that came her way to remain a virgin in order to realise that dream.

She is now lamenting over the decision she took decades ago in order to provide good education for her brothers and sisters.

Being the only person taking care of the siblings, her dream was to make them graduate before tying the knot with any man.

“The reason I am still single is that I haven’t found the right man for me. But when I was still a young girl, several men were chasing after me. I dated several, but I refused to get married before my siblings graduated because I was the one who was taking care of them. Men would approach me for marriage and I would tell them no because I wanted to educate my siblings first, then marry later,” she recounted.

The Septuagenarian says she is now ready to get married and be a wife to any man that would come proposing. However, the men are not coming anymore.

“If I get a husband, I would get married. I’m ready to be a wife and move in together with my husband,” 70-year-old Alphonsine said.

Despite having no biological children of her own, she sees the children she taught at a Catholic mission school in most part of her life as her own.

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“I have no biological child, but I am a mother of many – the children I have taught,” she said.

She has expressed regret for not giving men the chance when they chased her at her prime.

Source: Afrimax TV

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