NDC Wanted To Use Arise Ghana To Assassinate Akuffo Addo -NPP Guru Alleges; Details Dropped-CHECK.

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As a guest on Asempa FM’ s flagship program Ekosisen hosted on Wednesday, 29th June, 2022 by ace journalist Osei Bonsu, NPP activist has alleged that NDC leaders wanted to hide behind the protest to kill President Akufo Addo which would have eventually led to a coup d’ etat. The activist who appeared on the show as a guest revealed that the protestors attacked the police when they were prevented from marching to the Jubilee House.

According to him, the Ring Road leading to the office of the Presidency was not part of the agreement made by Arise Ghana Movement and the Ghana Police Service. But due to some evil reasons known to the NDC, they all of a sudden wanted to use that route which led to the misunderstanding.

Buttressing his claims, he stated that the National Democratic Congress is noted to planning coup d’ etat. In Ghana’ s history, the NDC has planned coups more than any other party and infact they were formed out of revolution. ” We should applaud the police for stopping such calamity.


They could have gone to kill the President and taken over power. Their initial plan was a coup but they have been exposed. He emphasized that the Presidency is not a place for playing but serious business. What ever petition Arise Ghana Movement were holding, they could have given it to the Chief of Staff.

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“Even the Speaker of Parliament or Regional Minister can take the petition on behalf of the President so I don’t know why they still wanted to force their way to the Jubilee House.

Speaking without fear, he alleged that what happened on Tuesday wasn’t a demonstration but rather a stage coup by some NDC leaders behind the scene.


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