NDC IN DILEMMA! 2024 Presidential Candidate, Mahama In Critical Situation

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The race for the 2024 presidential flagbearership position among the various political parties is thrilling with much enthusiasm in the political atmosphere in the country.

The 2024 flagbearerahip position is however, seems to look too far away but political jostling has just commenced between the two great political parties, the incumbent New Patriotic Party and the opposition National Democratic Congress NDC.

Therefore, with respect to the incumbent New Patriotic Party, NPP, the quest for the 2024 general election presidential flagbearership position has sparked confusing and commotion among party members.


While intended political Gurus who according to their supporters, who are capable of leading the party to victory remain silent and resolute with meticulous monitoring of the thrilling nature of the commotion.

This issues, is however, unfortunately causing faction and disparity among party members of which the party authorities needs to draw attention to.

Specifically focusing on the takes in the opposition National Democratic Congress NDC party for their controversy relating to their 2024 hopeful Presidential flagbeearer.

Mylifeguideonline News intend to bring to you their agitations and wants from the members of the Opposition party NDC, and the response of the leaders to that issues.

John Mahama, Hopeful 2024 Flagbearer

Within the NDC internal issues and opinions on their 2024 presidential flagbearer for the election. Many have opted that Mahama is the best candidate to lead the party to victory.

while Others are also contemplating as to whether, the 2020 flagbearer can still bring hope to party in terms of victory in 2024 because he couldn’ t do so in 2016 and 2020.

However, An Economic Intelligence Unit (EIU) report about the opposition party decision this year 2021 indicated that the opposition National Democratic Congress NDC, stood a good chance for reclaiming power from the incumbent New Patriotic Party NPP which they have lossed to in 2016.

Therefore, according to the Economic Intelligence Unit (EIU) report, in order to reclaim the power as predicted, their flagbearer should be changed which is therefore contrary to the notions of most party members in the country.

Many of John Dramani Mahama supporters still do hold him, dear, to their hearts such that they deemed him to be the best market candidate for the NDC.

Amidst to this controversy and issues taking place, many media houses in the country have published list of tickets for the different pairing of the President and vice president with a disparate permutations put on each.

Also, Stephen Asitey Adjei who is the member of Parliament of the opposition National Democratic Congress NDC in the Tema East Constituency have also suggested that the party have to critically take a better decisions as to the flagbearer for the party 2024.

According to him, the former president John Dramani Mahama was presented by the party for two consecutive times and the people of Ghana have rejected him.

” We must re- examined our products for the electoral market and present a new product. Under our current leader, you could see that the party is divided and no divided party can win elections in Ghana with a divided front fight against themselves ” , he urged.

Paul Adom Otchere Analysis On NDC List Of Flagbearers For 2024 Election

On the 6th of April 2021, Tuesday, a 6th edition show of Metro TVGood Evening Ghana ‘ program hosted by Paul Adom Otchere, released a list of some possible pairing of the NDC political noble men and women who he thinks are capable of leading the party for the 2024 general election.

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The host however, meticulously explained the trend of the NDC party since 1992 through to 2020 with some of their political great men and their origination in particular.

” Look at it this way, the NDC since Rawlings has never had a Voltarian on the ticket. I am saying this to give you the next stanza of the potential NDC tickets that we could have for the 2024 elections, ” he said.

Below are the list of analysis suggested by Paul Adom Ochere on his Good Evening Ghana show;

Kwesi Botchwey and Haruna Iddrisu

Augustus Goosie Tanoh and Alban Bagbin

Alban Bagbin and Goosie Tanoh

John Dramani Mahama and Johnson Asiedu Nketia

Kwabena Duffuor and Haruna Iddrisu

Kwabena Duffuor and Mohammed Ibn Chambas

Mohammed Ibn Chambas and Goosie Tano

Haruna Iddrisu and Dr Zanetor Agyeman Rawlings

Alban Bagbin and Dr Zanetor Agyeman Rawlings

Kwabena Duffuor and Dr Zanetor Agyeman Rawlings

Furthermore, Paul Adom however, admitted that former president John Mahama is the one person capable of leading the party to victory in 2024 and for that matter, the best market candidate for the 2024 presidential election.

” John Dramani Mahama is the de facto leader of the NDC right now. He is also the de facto flagbearer of the NDC. Because in terms of width, breadth, branding, switch. Height, everything, resources. John Dramani Mahama still stands tall within the NDC” , he noted.

John Mahama And Haruna Iddrisu Supporters Takes On Each Other

Furthermore, pertaining to the takes of the flagbearership position in the opposition National Democratic Congress NDC.

Another scandal of commotion emanating from the supporters of the NDC party indicated, the members quest for Haruna Iddrisu for the position and others also for former president Mahama.

However this monopoly in the party is therefore, at the verge of creating disparity among members that is very crucial for the party future.

However, it is revealed that, an unknown collated youth groups in the Northern Region has issued a statement accusing the minority leader of Parliament, Haruna Iddrisu for sabotaging former president Mahama 2024 presidential bid.

Furthermore, a statement signed by the youth groups Secretary, Alhassan Abdul Jalal indicated that, all the confusion, commotion and division among the National Democratic Congress NDC party members growing every day with a high tension were as a result of the clueless ambition of Haruna Iddrisu, minority leader for Parliament in the country.

” We are therefore by this press conference calling the minority leader, Haruna Iddrisu to desist from his treacherous ways and learn that he cannot become president by fighting his brothers. He should know that whatever he has sown shall grow in the nature that he sowed it. And that, John Mahama is a tree that God has planted, so his evil machinations cannot uproot that tree Never” , part of the statement stated.

On the other hand, Haruna Iddrisu youth group known as NDC Gbewaa Youth also refute to the claims and allegations rubbished against the minority leader of Parliament, Haruna Iddrisu.

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The NDC Gbewaa Youth group further admonished the minority leader of Parliament to declare his ambition of standing for the flagbearership race for the 2024 elections in the country in the NDC party.

Furthermore, the Gbewaa Youth Group Secretary, Adam Mohammed Sisudeen during a conference held in Tamale indicated that, they will forever support Haruna Iddrisu as the flagbearer of the party because nobody cannot deter another person the mandate for contesting in the party.

” We are only appealing to Hon. Haruna Iddrisu is not to be discouraged, he should not be deterred and he should continue all the good things he is doing for the party. He has no boundaries in the region because he is the Minority leader, the northern region is under his care and he can visit any constituency to extend his support to the party, ” he added.

On that note with regards to that takes, An aspiring Northern Regional Chair of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), Godfred Wumbei alias Yellowman has refute to rumours and claims emanating from the recent conference by some groups in the country of NDC party for disclosing former president John Mahama and Minority leader of Parliament, Haruna Iddrisu as presidential ambition for the party 2024.

Former Regional Minister Opted ForJohn Mahama And Mahama Response To The Whole Issues

The Former Ashanti Regional Deputy Minister, Joseph Yamin has stated that former President Mahama has no other option in the party than to lead the NDC party again for victory in 2024 hopeful.

According to Joseph Yamin, the party grassroots loves and enthusiasts John Mahama very much and they yearn for his returns to lead the party.

He further added that Mahama lead the party into opposition in 2016 and for that matter, he must bring victory to the party again in power.

The Former Ashanti Regional Deputy Minister, Joseph Yamin speaking in an interview on A1 radio on the ‘ DayBreak Upper East’ program indicated that, ” Mr. M Bahama has no option than to contest as a Flagbearer for the NDC in the 2024 elections. He took us to the opposition and he should bring us back to power. He may retire after he brings us back to power, but we the grassroots are looking up to him to bring us back to power, so it’s a signal that we are sending to him that, he dare not have any intent not to contest again”  he added.

He further added that John Mahama can bring back power to the NDC party again and clean the ‘ mess’ of the incumbent New Patriotic Party NPP.

Meanwhile, the former president and the 2020 NDC Presidential flagbearer, John Mahama when questioned as to what did he think of the whole issue responded that he is obliged to fully support and see to it that the party is functioning and improving.

According to him, he is the only surviving former president for the party, and therefore the whole responsibility of the party lies on his shoulders to perform.

John Mahama however, revealed that whoever the party nominate to lead the party for the 2024 elections, is going to fully support and champion that nominee for the good of the party and the betterment of Ghanaians.

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