Muslim Man, 83-years-old Marries 16-Year-Old Girl -[SEE PHOTOS]

Muslim Man, 83-years-old Married 16-Year-Old Girl -[SEE PHOTOS]
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How sad it is to know that some barbaric customs such as early child marriage is still ongoing elsewhere in Africa.

The saddest part of it is that when the little girl is made to marry a man close to his grave.

The narrative above stems from the fact that MyLIfeGuideOnline has seen a clear instance where an 83-year-old Muslim man married a 16-year-old girl according to the post on social media.

According to poster the incident took place in Nigeria where a man identified as Alhaji Yushua A Suleiman tied knot with Amina Mohammed.

The wedding is slated for Januay 9, 2021, however, the state is not disclosed.

The invite is courtesy of one Hajia Kande Wushishi Local Government Area of Niger State.

83-year-old Nigerian Muslim man set to marry 16-year-old girl

Whoever is reading this piece if in case such practice is happening in your community be a good person to report this to the appropriate institutions.

What benefit will this bring to you the old man?. This is just a total waste of the girl’s time and career.

SAY NO TO EARLY CHILD MARRIAGE and save the future…….

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