More Trouble As Abronye DC Incites The Public To Storm Agradaa’s Church For Their Monies

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The Bono Regional Chairman of the New Patriotic Party, Mr. Kwame Bafo who is also known as Abronya is provoking a cross-section of the public who have been defrauded by Nana Agradaa to storm her church and demand all their monies.

He says Nana Agradaa will take offerings and sell anointing oil in her church and that should be enough to pay back all the monies she has defrauded.

Mr. Kwame Bafo gave the signal on Wontumi television’s ‘Nsempa Fie’ program. He also indicated that Nana Agradaa has a pub that fetches her a lot of money. He called on the public to go there and pick every single money she makes.

“I’m inciting the public to go to her church and house in their numbers and demand their monies. If you have been defrauded by Nana Agradaa, go there and make sure you take your money from her. She will take an offering and sell anointing oil. Make sure those monies are all collected. I’m calling on all of you. If only Nana Agradaa has taken your money go to her church and collect it at once. All of you should mobilize and go. She has a pub, go there and take all the sales she makes”. Mr. Kwame Bafo noted.

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Mr. Kwame Bafo indicated that Nana Agradaa’s conduct amounts to defrauding by false pretense in the laws of Ghana and must face it accordingly. He adds that the press conference made by Nana Agradaa is a mere ploy to cover her crimes.

“What Agradaa has done is defrauding by false pretense because she promised people of giving them money and she refused. She can be jailed for over three years for the offense. After all the defrauding, she claims to have repented and will now begin to sell anointing oil in the name of God. This is also a criminal offense”. He indicated.

He added that all eyes are on the Ghana Police Service to ensure Nana Agradaa faces the full rigors of the laws. Mr. Kwame Bafo indicated that it will not be a good example to set Nana Agradaa free because she claims to have repented.

“We are all looking at the Ghana Police Service. It is their core duty to ensure crime is reduced in Ghana. We should not allow Agradaa to cover her crimes with a mere press conference. That press conference is a clear sign that she is guilty of all the charges leveled against her. So the police cannot give us excuses that Agradaa has changed so they are setting her free. They should build her docket and drag her to face the laws. Agradaa cannot go free because of her repentance”. He indicated.

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