Mix Reactions As Groom Slaps Bride In The Face During Wedding Ceremony- [WATCH VIDEO]

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This is the shocking moment a groom slaps his bride in the face right before the pastor and at the church’s altar.

Wedding days are supposed to be very happy moments for both the bride and groom.

But for one bride, it was not the happy time she would have expected as the husband gave her a dirty slap on what was supposed to be their special day.

The awkward wedding incident was recorded by an attendee and sent social media users into a frenzy.


Before the slap, the groom appeared to lean closer to his wife as if trying to give her a kiss. But he didn’t eventually kiss her and settled for a slap.

It is not clear what may have inspired his action as the audio of the video was not understandable and the clip didn’t exceed 17 seconds.


groom slaps his bride

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