Miracle As Fire Outbreak Razes Down Entire Market, Yet Bible Found From Scene Still Not Burnt -[SEE PHOTO]

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Elsewhere in West Africa, Ghana to be precised, a miraculous event happened as Bible was found from the scene of a fire outbreak which burnt clothing around it into ashes, but could not burn the Bible.

This shocking occurrence took place in the Capital City of Ghana-Accra, in a market called Odawna.

According to local media reports, the Bible which was surrounded by clothing was burnt into ashes but the Bible was still intact.


In more detail, it is established that, the Bible in a kente shop was found unscathed.

Moving forward, reports indicate that the Bible lay right by a table on which several Kente cloth and money were burnt into ashes.

Astonished eyewitnesses were convinced the situation proves the power in the word of God.

Bible found unharmed in shop that was burnt down completely at Odawna Market

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