Meet Top 4 Most Wicked Leaders in Africa, Number 4 Eats Human Flesh  -[SEE PHOTOS]

Meet Top 4 Most Wicked Leaders in Africa, Number 4 Eats Human Flesh  -[SEE PHOTOS]
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Most power-drunk leaders tend to use their position and power to oppress their followers and colleagues in order to maintain their positions or even rule till their coffins close.

We have made a list of the most wicked leaders in Africa’s history who have in one way or the other terrorized his citizens to the extend of even taking some lives .

1.Joshua Milton Blahyi popularly known as general butt naked was a very powerful but wicked president who was once described as the most evil man in the world due his intense atrocities.

He confessed to having killed about 20 thousand people and misapplied millions from their original homes and was also involved in human sacrifices which included his own children.

He was awarded the Super Bowl best sportsmanship prize for his work improvement on coaching and refereeing.

2. Joseph Rao Kony was born in Uganda in 1961 and was the leader of the lord’s resistance army group which abducted children mostly adolescents and young adults and turned them into child soldiers to perpetrate their political achievements.

He abducted about 66 thousand children and was responsible for the death of millions and misplaced of people from their homes.

3.Bosco Ntanganda who was born on the 5th of November 1973 was a war criminal and the former military staff chief of in the CNDP regime.

He was sentenced to 30 years imprisonments for abducting and training children into soldiers for coup and hostility purposes.

4.Idi Amin Dada Oumee was born on the 17th of may 1971 in koboko Uganda and was a military man who later took over office .

He was nicknamed the Butcher of Uganda and was considered as one of the most brutal and wicked leaders in Africa’s history.

He boasted of keeping the human remains of his executed political enemies in his fridges but claimed human flesh was too tasty for his liking which meant he probably must have tasted it at a point in time.

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