Meet Simon Petrus, The Student Who Invented Phone That Calls Without Sim Card Or Airtime -SEE PHOTOS

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Technology-related issues are causing problems in some areas of Africa. These difficulties have compelled citizens like Simon, to seek out other options.

Simon Petrus is a Namibian citizen, from the Oshikunde region. He graduated from Iyambo Senior Secondary School. Following his discovery, he went to a technical school to study computer science.

He collected content from cell phones, landline phones, stereo, and tv. He utilized them to create a smartphone, which would not need a Carrier, does not require airtime balance replacement, and can reach any mobile number.

His family was poor, when he wanted funds to develop his innovation, but they were determined to do something for him, via a series of contributions.

The box includes a rotor, a light bulb, and a charging port. Radio waves are used to make the connections work. It even has radio channels, and a tv channel that collects transmissions from an aerial.

The machine can also be used as a network connection amplifier, which is useful for citizens living in rural areas with poor network coverage.

You could use the system to phone any mobile number in the world, from any place. Simon spent almost 2 years working on this innovation before completing it.

His family was helpless to finance his tuition fees due to financial constraints. He had been granted a large sum of funds, as well as support for his schooling, so that he could pursue his studies, and innovation.

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Just before he created this gadget which can keep making phone conversations, he already won several contests.

Namibia is ecstatic about him.

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