May God Punish You, You Are Devils -Angry Pastor Curses Church Members For Not Contributing For Her Birthday Celebration -[WATCH VIDEO]

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It will shock you to know that all is not well with a woman supposedly a Pastor as she vents her anger on Church members.

In more detail,  this furious lady pastor has described her members as ‘devils’ and invoked God’s curses on them for failure to contribute money for birthday celebration.

Speaking on the pulpit and clad in a pair of jeans trouser and a red gown, this pastor said the members have let her down for not honoring her on her birthday.

She argued that these members do come to her with their respective problems and she helps them out so she does not find it quite pleasing for them to ignore her on her birthday.

She intimated that most pastors just like herself are bitter and feel unappreciated due to the failure on the side of members to honour them with their money.

Using very strong words, this lady pastor expressed her reservations over the conduct of her members for failing to give her money towards her birthday celebration.

“Even on my birthday, some of you refused to contribute. May God punish you. Because you are wicked. Unless you don’t have.

“I will say it. If you’re angry, change. Because if it was you and they come to me I’ll give freely because you are a member and so I will look after you.

“If you’re sitting here and you cannot pay something towards your pastor’s celebration or your pastor’s whatever,  why are you here? You’re a devil. And this is why pastors are bitter, she said.

Check Out Video Below:

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