Massive Uproar As Cow Gives Birth To A Human-Like Creature -SEE PHOTOS

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There has been massive stir after a cow gave birth to human-like creature and had generates endless debate online.

The incident however did not only draw attention, but also left many wondering in awe.

Sebenzile Mlangeni, the owner of the cow in an interview with media bares all that happened.

According to report, when Mlangeni realized that her cow was ready to liter, she took her out from the kraal and helped her to lie on her side and to give birth comfortably, as she was working. Soon after 9 a.m., she left for a funeral.

On her return, she found that the cow was moving and resting near her house; however, she was not born and seemed to struggle. She then told her children that they would have to go to cattle if the cow hadn’t been born before 12:00 p.m.

At 12:00 p.m. they went and tied the cow to a tree. She washed her hands and placed them in the cow to help her with the work. It seemed like her feet came out first instead of her head, so she bonded it and taught it off the mother before it was out. It looked like the kid was coming out.

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Her kids were shocked, seeing her head bolt and saying it was too wide to be a cow’s head. Then she approached her neighbors and asked them to see what sort of calf her mother had born.

Everyone in her area came over to look at the features of the cow, and found out that her head looked like that of a man. she refused to accept that witches were ordered to do so, saying she didn’t believe in witchcraft.

She says that, but never stays with, the shepherd leads the cows to grass in the fields. He takes them to the field and comes back. On the question of what her cow was to do, she said she was going to bury it instead of feeding it.

Here you can watch video:

There was plenty to say on social media streets.

Some of them were stunned, some laughing. Some say rubbers that people used were tossed around and the cow found out and ate one, which resulted in his pregnancy.


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