Massive Stir As Women Attempt To Undress a Colleague Woman For Wearing Show My Pu$$y Dress -WATCH VIDEO

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It will interest you to know that most women do not feel comfortable when they see colleague woman dress indecent and parades in town.

The narrative above stems from the fact a clear instance which justifies it has been witnessed in a trending footage available.

Per the video making rounds on social media showed a woman being harassed for what she is seen wearing.

Men are usually associated with the harassment of women who wear revealing clothes in public. Well not this time. A group of women is seen publicly harassing a woman minding her own business for wearing skimpy clothes.

In the video the lady is walking and she is on her phone with earphones on when a group of people but mainly women start shaming her and harassing her.

People try to grab her private s as she walks in the street. This level of immaturity is really disheartening that a grown man would try to touch a stranger’s cookie just because one is wearing a revealing dress.

The lady then tries to escape the mob and rushes towards a wall. She then stands facing the wall and tries to call someone for help.

Like it is not enough people still follow her and making sounds of shaming her in public. Others start recording and taking pictures of the lady.

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Many women are really disappointed by what other women are doing to this lady in public.

Well, Watch the video below :



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