Massive Stir As Video of Ƞ¶K£d Slay Queens Entertaining Men Live on Instagram for Money Drops

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It will interest you to know that women can do anything when it comes to money without thinking twice.

This justifies that the world is somehow ruled by women aside from money and politics, all these spearheaded by Satan.

The narrative above stems from the fact that a clear instance has been sighted, which sparked endless talk.

Most slay queens that you see displaying lavish lifestyles on social media get money through selling themselves to men who are ready to splash money on them.

You will never see them post photos at work but they are always moving from one club to another indulging in expensive lifestyle and flying for lavish vacations, and then flooding the photos on social media to confusion the hard working ladies .

These slay queens used to hunt for men in clubs at night and lay with big men in exchange for money but with the outbreak of coronavirus, their business has been hit hard.

Some have devised news ways to survive and pay bills using social platforms, especially Instagram.

They are offering live shows to ‘kerewa’ starved man after being paid some cash..

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