Massive Stir As Heartbreaking Video of Less Than 5-Year Old Kids Doing Galamsey Hits Online -WATCH VIDEO

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It will shock you to know that the Country needs to be fixed as a sad footage emerges.

The heartbreaking video that falls under the #FixTheConntry agenda has surfaced on the Ghanaian internet and sparks another endless talk.

In the thirty seconds video available, about three young boys believed to be below the ages of 10 could be seen at a galamsey sit digging the ground with shovels all in the name of searching for greener pastures for their parents.

The video has attracted a lot of attention as many keep asking if it happened in Ghana or a different neighboring country.

Considering the age of these young ones engaging in illegal mining to earn a living, it is no brainier that the nation truly needs to be fixed.

For those who saw the recent video register their total displeasure and saying lots of things that put the government in a bad light.

Their unpleasant comments came as a result of the fact that they never thought such kids made to engage in the illegal mining activities.

Watch the video below to know more as scooped for our cherished readers….


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