Massive Stir As Ghanaian Man Captured Eating Bread with Dirty Water Collected In a Pothole as Tea -WATCH VIDEO

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It will shock you to know that a young Ghanaian man has caused a massive stir in a viral video where He is seen eating bread with dirty water.

The footage attracts much attention and also generates massive reactions from social media users, having them wondering what could be the cause.

Per the video available, the man could be seen dipping the break he takes in the dirty water and eats it afterwards.

The young man at a point was seen drinking the ‘dirty water’ in excitement.

However, the motive behind the man’s decision to engage in such an act is yet to be known.

The video has garnered mixed reactions on social media.

Although a section of Ghanaians believe the video is just a funny skit, some also claimed that the man made the video to send a message to Ghanaian leaders.

Watch the video below:

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