Massive Reaction As Video of an Ambulance Been Used to Distribute Bread to Retailers Hits Online  -WATCH VIDEO


A video going viral on social media has attracts massive reactions it showed the very moment an ambulance is been used as  bread distribution bus.

The footage attract much attention and also generates mixed reactions from people privy to the video as they see it as unusual.

In the viral video, people could be seen removing bread from the ambulance to be distributed to their customers which is meant to transport the sick to the hospital or for emergency health care.

Many could not understand why a car meant for carrying sick and dead should be used for such purpose.


Though, our could not ascertained where exactly this incident happened, which many feel disappointed.

Per what what our portal gathered, some persons have already registered their displeasure, while others turn to make mockeries.

Is this good?. What do you think?. Drop your comment in section below and let’s get the conversation going.


Watch the video below as scooped for our cherished readers.



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