Man defends his brother for  killing his wife over cocoa beans

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Alhassan Mohammed had on the 29 of October said goodbye to his wife as he made his way to visit his parents at the North. Alhassan had made the whole Sansa community of Dompoase know he was travelling to see his extended family at the North, not knowing he was going into hiding in his cocoa farms, on the purpose of catching the thieves that had been stealing his cocoa beans. With an old locally made weapon, Alhassan hid by his farms from the night of 29 October 2021 until this dawn when he shot at his wife.

The wife of Alhassan MohammedSakinatu Mohammed had woke up early this morning to check on the cocoa beans of her husband at their farm. Sakinatu with a sack and a headpan, and the support of a hired labourer arrived at the farm around five in the mourning and Alhassan shot her dead. Alhassan after knowing it wasn’t a thief, rushed his wife to the roadside but couldn’t get a car to the hospital on time as the wife bled to death.

Sakinatu was confirmed dead at seven in the morning when she was rushed to the Kumasi South Hospital in a taxi. The labourer; Akwesi Emmanuel, after being spared by Alhassan after the first shot, run to the Domopoase township for a taxi but Sakinatu could not survive before arriving at the hospital in the morning.

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Alhassan after reporting himself to the police begged that, it wasn’t deliberate for him to shoot his wife to death but thought it was an armed man coming to steal his cocoa beans. For over two years now, people have been stealing my beans at every harvest and I thought I could stop them this season. I came up with a plan to visit my extended family in the North and with that, the thieves will feel free and I could apprehend them, Alhassan stated.

Sakinatu had called for the services of a labourer, to assist her in bringing the cocoa beans to the house since her husband was not there to bring them home for drying. The two; Sakinatu and the labourer, Akwesi Emmanuel, had hoped to be able to start the work early so they could complete it by noon but they were met with gunshots from Alhassan instead. Alhassan, the owner of the cocoa farms failed to make his wife know he was setting a trap for thieves, and the wife knowing the cocoa beans will be stolen, decided to bring it home for drying.

Tabil Mohammed, in handing his younger brother to the Dompoase police stated that, it wasn’t intentional the brother shot at his wife. It was dark and he couldn’t see who it was and that made him fire at her. He got to know after the labourer, Akwesi Emmanuel shouted for mercy, Tabil Mohammed stated in his pleading statement.

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Alhassan is been processed to court and he might certainly be remanded into police custody for investigation purposes.


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