Madina action group of Npp rejected claims of vetting MCE aspirants.

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The emerging sophisticated Npp group in Madina constituency called themselves”action group” have rejected the alligation of covertly vetting MCE aspirants in the constituency.

According to the group such action is not part of their actions and thereby, have not mandated to do that.

The group maintained that, as a renowned group that is blessed with experience and sagacious politicians both home and in Diaspora, it is part of their duty to see to it that people being appointed into the constituency are compitent people who can work for the benefit of the party and the grassroots members expecially polling station executives whom have been deprived of many opportunities.

The research officer of the group Mr.David Kwatia who issued the statement onbehalf of the group explore the fact that the group is not inn to intimidate anyone but rather to collaborate with the constituency, polling station and everyone who matters at Madina politics to recoup the lost parliamentary seat during the 2020 general election.

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