[LEAKED PHOTOS]: The Corpse of Late Ghana’s Former President JJ Rawlings Hits Internet and Causes Massive Stir WOrldwide -[WATCH]

[LEAKED PHOTOS]: The Corpse of Late Ghana's Former President JJ Rawlings Hits Internet and Causes Massive Stir WOrldwide -[WATCH]
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The world’s attention has drawn to a bizarre picture of late Ghana’s former President Jerry John Rawlings.

Local media reports say, the venue where the burial event took place was under the clear condition that no camera should be anywhere close, talkless of taken a shot of the dead body, but someone managed to leak it.

However, picture which original source remains unknown has been shared several times on social media, showing the face of the late former President almost as if he was merely asleep and could be nudged to wake up.


Spotting his afro grey hair and beard which became his signature look in the Covid-19 outbreak, Mr. Rawlings was dressed in full military honours although the uniform is not entirely visible from the picture.

The final rites for the ex president started last Sunday with a requiem mass at the Holy Spirit Cathedral and a vigil held in his honour at the Air Force Mess in Accra.

Laying in state is between today and tomorrow after which burial will take place on Wednesday at the Military cemetery.

There is public filing past of the remains at the Accra International Conference Center, AICC from where it is believed the image came from.

There is strict observance of coronavirus protocols at the premises with all present wearing face masks, from the officials on duty to the members of public filing past.

JJ Rawlings Body Lying in State Goes Viral Despite a Ban on Cameras at Viewing -WATCH


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