Leaked Images of Samini Hitting Married Stephanie Benson’s Back Drop Online and Cause Massive Stir -See Photos

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The atmosphere on the information superhighway, thus social media took a different turn after pictures from a music video of two musicians hit online.

The images have attracted much attention and also generate mixed reactions from social media users, having them wagging their tongues.

Per what our portal gathered has it that though they have seen many bad music videos, but this very one was different, taken into account the fact that the female musician is married.


In more detail, report culled from Browngh.com bares that sensational singer and nudist Stephanie Benson who is known for her s.eductive poses has once again managed to get social media blazing after images of herself and Samini were seen in a very romantic scene.

The images which were shared by Stephanie herself have got a lot of fans talking as the two musicians were really enjoying themselves and having a lot of fun from the look of the images.

Stephanie released a song titled “one more” last year which featured Samini and took those pictures as promo images to help create awareness for the music.

These censured and thrilling pictures were taken from their music video ‘One More’ that was dropped last year.

In one of the photos, the mother of 5 was shot bending on her knees to ‘bust it open’ for Samini.

Captioning the images she wrote saying;

“This is the face of a woman pretending to enjoy a scene… Squinting face with tongue When I act in a video, I put my whole self into creating the mood Winking face” “In this scene, Samini was trying to find my liver… Rolling on the floor laughingRolling on the floor laughingRolling on the floor laughingRolling on the floor laughing Ladies, it’s ok, I survived. Hugging face”

See images below as scooped for our cherished readers


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