Ladies, Please Stop Doing These Things, They Cause Cancer-[CHECK OUT]

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Being alive and healthy is not easy for every man. This is not something we can achieve without being hardworking in terms of taking care of our bodies. As a woman there are things you need to do that helps you stay healthy and one of them is taking care of your breasts.

Breast cancer is a deadly disease and one of the killer diseases women suffer from. Breast cancer develops in a lady when the cell in the breast lining grows abnormally.


Some factors can cause a lady to develop cancer. These factors are called cancer-causing agents. There are things we do that increase our chances of developing breast cancer and if we are not careful this disease can get us killed in a short period. Without wasting most of your time I will be sharing with you things you should stop doing that will help reduce your chances of developing breast cancer.

Here are things all ladies should avoid in preventing cancer:


#1. Not bathing regularly, especially morning and night. Some women don’t take this seriously. Before going to work, you need to bathe and also after the day’s work you need to take your bath. This is because many factors can contaminate your body with germs and bacteria during working hours. For instance, you may place your hands on things that are contagious or you may sweat frequently during working hours, this aids in breading germs and bacteria that are dangerous to your body and vital organs of your body like your kidney, liver, heart, breast, lungs, etc. Taking your bath regular helps you in washing away these germs and bacteria from your body. This also helps your body cells to replenish healthily but if you don’t bathe regularly deadly microorganisms will breed on your body and they may find their way into your body causing you diseases like breast cancer, kidney and liver diseases, etc.

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#2. Placing contaminated hands on your breast. Most women are not careful how they maintain good hygiene. Placing contaminated hands on your breast can cause you serious health conditions like breast cancer, skin irritations because deadly microorganisms from the hands can spread quickly to the breast. If you love your life, you should avoid making such a mistake.


#3. Placing things that are contaminated with germs and bacteria in your bra. This is an important notice. Some women use their bra to save things that are sometimes contaminated with germs and when such bra comes in contact with the breast, they can affect the breast so badly that your breast may develop cancer or other diseases. To save your life you should avoid placing things like a phone, money, keys, etc., in your bra.


#4. Wearing the wrong size of bra, especially a tight bra.

Most women won’t don’t know that the size of the bra they wear can affect their health either negatively or positively. Many women have suffered certain health conditions due to the wrong size of bra they usually put on. Wearing a tight bra puts you at a greater risk of developing breast cancer. After all, this bra prevents the breast from balancing normally because the bra is putting pressure on the breast. This also causes the breast to sweat, especially when air doesn’t penetrate the areas of the breast. Secondly, a tight bra prevents the cells in the breast to grow normally and this leads to abnormal cell growth which leads to cancer.

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#5. Wearing A Dirty Bra

All women should stop keeping poor hygiene, it leads to poor health. Washing your bra regularly, especially when it is dirty shouldn’t be difficult for you. If you fail to do so and you wear such a bra, it can cause you lots of health conditions like body odour, skin irritation, breast cancer, etc. If you don’t want to suffer any of these things you should be very careful of how to manage your health. Be warned!

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