Kwesi Pratt Predicts Doom For NDC

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Veteran journalist and managing editor of the Insight Newspaper, Kwesi Pratt Junior has predicted doom for the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC), following what he termed as the betrayal of their Parliamentarians of the wishes of the people who voted for them. He exclaimed that the approval of ministerial nominees whom many had objected to, will bear undesirable consequences to the party leadership and fortunes in future elections.

Mr. Kwesi Pratt Jnr speaking on Pan African TV stressed that the disappointment that the party foot-soldiers and Ghanaians have with the NDC parliamentarians will be cancerous to their bid for political power in the next elections. To him, it’s just right if the NDC forgoes the 2024 election, lest it would be hit with an unexpected defeat.

Arguing further on this subject on Pan African TV, the veteran journalist indicated that the wind of change that is about hitting the NDC party will lead to a emergence of a crop of leaderships that will overpower the existing and ‘disappointing’ leadership.

“There will be a tsunami in the leadership of the NDC… that all the seats will be stripped away. Indeed watching the National Democratic Congress today from where I sit I’m even wondering whether there is a need for them to go into the 2024 elections. It will be a waste of time to go vote for them. Listen, it is a betrayal of the electorate.”

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He emphasized that Ghanaians needed a change and thus trusted a fair balance of power to the parliamentarians in the 2020 Parliamentary election so a check could be placed on the executive. Mr. Kwesi Pratt Jnr intimated that the party better prepare for the consequences of their actions soon.

“The people of Ghana are not foolish. They gave you those votes for a reason. It is clear the people of Ghana are fed up with the government. They want Parliament to stand up against the executive.

“Whether they like it or not this situation will change. It will change very soon. New faces will emerge from the political landscape. When those new forces are created, you will see how the NDC will struggle,” he emphasized.

Mr. Kwesi Pratt Jnr sounded very infuriated as he recounted the approval of all the first batch of ministerial nominees by the President. He had wished some nominees were rejected, including Hawa Koomson, whom he stressed “does not understand the structure and functions of the ministry she’s going to head.”

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