Key Things Not To Do On Elections Day To Avoid Violence -[IMPORTANT]

Key Things Not To Do On Elections Day To Avoid Violence -[IMPORTANT]
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Elections are association with violence and this is due to some of the key things voters undermined.

We can go through the electoral process without having a misunderstanding if indeed we heed some of these factors MyLifeGuide will bare in this article.

There is no point in causing violence on election day because democracy simply means people’s participation and not people’s division. But what brings violence is the people’s failure to heed some electoral orders that could have been resolved between party polling agents and electoral officers.

Below are some key factors that voters or parties supporters can do to avoid violence of elections day and they include:

Hanging Around The Poll Centers After Voting: What business does a voter or party supporter has around the poll center after voting?. Virtually nothing. Hanging around poll centers after voting is likely to result to misunderstanding. So after you have casted your votes simple leave the vicinity of the poll centers. Even when counting of ballot paper is due, you do not need to be around to witness it. That is why every party has polling agent to monitor things on behalf of his or her party. So no need for a supporter of any party to hang around.

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Unnecessary Argument on Elections Day – Campaigns ends few days to the day of voting and by then every political party or its supporters might have carried their messages across. So no need to campaign on the day of voting, most especially when you are within the area of the poll center.

If we the party supporters are able to heed to the above factors which lead to violence, there will be peaceful elections.

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