JUST IN:Minister Of Defense Causes More Trouble For Nana Addo After This Speech; Shocking Details Dropped-CHECK.

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The minister of defense could not find the proper or most appropriate defensive statement for the president. Nana Addo’s government is associated with spending. They are known to be the government who have borrowed the most.

Nana Addo’s move that shocked Ghanaians is how he hopped onto his private jet right after the e-levy bill was approved. For the majority of concerned Ghanaians, the approval was directly proportional to more money for Nana Addo.

In the wake of the covid-19 pandemic, Nana Addo claims the country and its economy has been affected. This means the hardships in the country is obviously not his fault as many would put it.


Minister of defense claims Nana Addo for the past three months has not used the private jet because of the current economic hardships. After his statement, they, the Npp have been referred to as incompetent. And the reason is that Nana Addo was not supposed to wait for the hardships to come before he stops using the jet since using it has in itself contributed to the hardships.

Source: Richisen

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