JUST IN:Ga-Dangbe People Take Obonu Tv For Granted-Dede Mensah Boldly Reveals-CHECK DETAILS.

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*Ga-Dangme people take Obonu Tv for granted*- *Dede* *Mensah*

Obonu tv’s ace journalist and entertainment show presenter Dede Mensah has leveled some ferocious allegations against leaders of Ada.

On last week’s edition of her show “h3ja jemi be”, she spoke with much detest on how Obonu Tv is being bigoted.


To butress her conception, she made mention of how Ga-Adangme leaders invite other media houses to witness Dangme festivals and pamper them thereafter but Obonu Tv’s crew that is invited to the same program, doesn’t get any accolades.

“Ny3 sungme Obonu lo”? she quizzed in Ga-Dangme.

Story by Mamle Anikor(Wa Yinɔ Do on Okorli 96.1fm).

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