JUST IN:Finance Ministry Finally Settles The Controversies Around The E-levy-CHECK DETAILS.

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Since the government declared it’s intentions of resorting to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) for support, there were varied arguments on whether the government of Ghana should maintain the E-Levy or scrap it.

Some if the arguments said the government earlier presented Ghanaians with the option of E-Levy to avoid going to the IMF. Therefore when the government made it clear that it will seek refuge from the IMF, some argue that the E-Levy should be abandoned.

The Ministry of Finance has released an official statement to settle the discussions and controversies stating clearly that the E-Levy has come to stay and that it will not be removed.


The statement from the Finance Ministry noted that “government will not terminate the 1.5% levy on electronic transactions, despite its application to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) for economic assistance. The statement also noted that the Government is committed to ensuring the smooth operationalisation of all taxes including the e-levy to ensure that in addition to the IMF’s resources, government can continue to support its developmental goals on its own while ensuring that tax-to-GPD ratio increases to the peer range of 16%-18%”.

The debate is now over since the government has made it’s stance clear on the E-Levy. They further noted that they will further investigate why the E-Levy is not yielding the expected revenue.

Source: Operanews
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