JUST IN:Expect More Rains And Thunderstorms In The Following Areas-Ghana Meteorological Agency Warns-CHECK DETAILS.

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The Ghana Meteorological Agency released the expected weather conditions for today Monday 27th June, 2022. The highlights noted that the country will continue to experience some rains and thunderstorms in most parts of the country. Sunny and cloudy weather conditions are expected to alternate in the course of the day in some parts of the country.

The forecast specifically noted that “Cloudy weather is expected over most parts of the country this morning. Parts of the transition zone will continue to experience rain. Sunny intervals will be observed as the day progresses.

Thunderstorms or rains are expected over parts of the middle and northern sectors later.


Morning temperature will be between 22 to 24 degrees Celsius whiles the afternoon will experience temperatures around 27-29.

The important of weather forecast extends beyond preparing against floods. It has enormous benefits for the Agriculture sector.

Weather forecasting can help with a farmer’s business decisions. Forecasts can help them plan for the many day-to-day decisions. These decisions include crop irrigation, time to fertilize, and what days are suitable for working in the field. The decisions that farmers make will result in a profitable crop or failure.

Attached is a detailed forecast

Source: Operanews

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