JUST IN:Allowances Enjoyed By Top Politicians And Some Government Appointees In Ghana-CHECK DETAILS.

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Amidst the ongoing teachers strike and the other labour agitations for cost of living allowance, a list of what many article 71 holders (mostly top political appointees) are entitled to has surface on the internet. Below is are they;

1. Free medical care

2. Inconvenience allowance


3. Free laptop

4. Executive salon car

5. End of service benefit

6. Vacation allowance

7. Official vehicle( free)

8. Vehicle loan option

9. Repayment of cost of vehicle loan

10. Clothing allowance

11. Household allowance

12. Utility subsidy

13. Responsibility allowance

14. Entertainment allowance

15. DSTV monthly subscription

16. Housing loan

17. Home enhancement loan

18. Foreign travel per diem

19. Ex – gratia

The Article 71 holders got a 70% salary increment last year while teachers and other public workers had 4% and 7% to pay rise in 2021/2022.

Now many public workers are demanding for 20% Cost Of Living Allowance but the country is in economic crisis as government has announced an IMF bailout.

A meeting is scheduled tomorrow, 12th July 2022, between Labour Commission and labour unions on the COLA.

Will government plead with the unions to sacrifice and bear the hardship amidst the economic crisis. If so will the labour unions agree? Will the striking teachers return to classroom if they are told the above?

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Source: Currentworldnews

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