JUST IN:Alban Bagbin Does The Unexpected And Merges 5 Committee To Investigate This Issue;Wild Details Dropped-CHECK.

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Economies around the world are tumbling and Ghana has been no exception. Indeed, the government of Ghana which had initially resisted calls to seek assistance from the IMF has made a U-Turn and now in negotiations with the International Monetary Fund to rebuild the economy of Ghana. Aside the issues affecting the economy are labor agitations and issues with school feeding.

Speaker Alban Bagbin today, Tuesday, July 12, 2022 took action on a pressing matter. While addressing law makers in Parliament he impressed on them to do well and resolve the school feeding crises. According to Bagbin he has received so much reports about the plight of students regarding the food they eat. There have been concerns about the availability of food as well as the state of food eaten by students in various schools in Ghana. Bagbin noted that he has heard these concerns and he will not sit down under his watch and let things go astray.

Bagbin in his role as Speaker as such directed committees under 5 different committees to set up an ad hoc committee and address this situation. One of the calls are for the feeding money to be raised from 97 pesewas to 3 cedis.

“These 5 Committees are to look into Feasibility and sustainability of the School Feeding Programme. I direct that they present their report by the end of October,” Bagbin said. The 5 ministries include the Ministries of Education, Gender, Children and Social Protection, Health, Food and Agric and Finance.


Source: Operanews

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