JUST IN:After NABCO Another Flagship Programme Set To Collapse-CHECK DETAILS

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Presenting the mid year budget on Monday, Hon. Ken Ofori Atta announced that NaBCo trainees will be enrolled in another flagship program, YouStart form September this year. But before one could say jack, the YouStart is on its way to collapse.

According to Hon. Samuel Okudjeto Ablakwa, Ghana’s developing partners are not responding to the program for fear that it is not sustainable. He said the finance minister reported to parliament during his presentation that, out of the budgeted 1 billion Ghana Cedis, YouStart support fund, it was able to assist few individuals with less than 2 million Ghana Cedis. This abysmal performance of the program is an indication that government is unable to raise enough revenue to support it.

Ablakwa made this revelation in a Facebook post intercepted by CitizenOne.


“It seems Ghana’s Development Partners are not responding to Government’s YouStart initiative as anticipated. So far, the expected GHS614,912,000 projected in the 2022 Budget as their contribution appears an overly ambitious dream.

Not surprisingly, Ken Ofori-Atta reports today that so far, only 46 individuals & 8 associations/groups (with membership between 6 and 45) have been supported with GHS1.98million under what was touted as a GHS1billion YouStart initiative.

The extremely terrible performance makes government’s pledge of creating 1million YouStart jobs for Ghana’s youth unfortunately unrealistic.

What this also means is that the deceived 100,000 NaBCo trainees are not guaranteed a feasible YouStart transition as has been suggested by government.

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Our NaBCo friends need us to remember them now more than ever.

I would suggest a more concerted and spirited demand for all their 9-month allowances which remain in arrears so they could consider investing portions of that in their own startups instead of waiting for another round of deception.”

As usual, coments started flowing after he posted this. One Ernest Kofiga accused the minority of being part of Ghana’s problems. According to him, the minority teamed up to approve Ken Ofori Atta as finance minister hence cannot pretend to know he is incompetent. He believes the minority’s action against the minister now is a waste of everybody’s time.

You the minority should better keep quiet. You are the very people who approved Ken and I always say the minority is part of the problem we are facing today.”

Others also commented as follows;

John Percker: “Thank God Almighty that this didn’t happen under NDC government.

I can’t imagine how the headlines would have carried this.”

Anthony Osabute: “Snr, be careful because these NABCO guys will turn around and invest their 9 months allowance arrears in the NPPs 2024 campaign.”

Source:Citizen One

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