JUST IN: Secret Finally Out: Ghana Players Were Bribed to Lose a Game; Player In Camp Blows Cover -DETAILS

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Ghana Players Were Bribed to Lose a Game; Player In Camp Blows Cover -DETAILS.

Former Hearts of Oak midfielder, Obed Ansah has opened up on how some players of the Black Meteors were bribed to lose a friendly match against Iran in 2007.

According to reports some Black Meteors players were allegedly offered $1,000 to lose their match against Iran by 2-0.


Obed Ansah who was one of the players in camp recalled in an interview with Dan Kwaku Yeboah that an emergency meeting was called when the issue went viral in camp.

According to him, he called to know about the bribe when some players were singled out.

“We were in camp when an emergency meeting was called by Randy Abbey and I remember seating in front. I got to know about the bribe at the meeting when people who took money from Damba were asked to raise their hands,” Obed Ansah stated.

“I was just sitting in front when Sabaah started counting 1,2,3 so I just turned and to my surprise, I was shocked because I never knew about the bribe,” he added.

Obed Ansah disclosed that never took the bribe because the monies were shared while he was bathing. He noted that some players spent the money on buying new phones which got the attention of some GFA officials.

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“It was later on that Skido of Liberty told me it was because of this reason Damba was calling me but unfortunately I was bathing, I didn’t know he was calling me to give me money. Damba was our goalkeeper’s trainer by then so the money was $1000 but people were given $500.

“What even surprised me was that there was the latest phone we all wanted to buy after we’ve been given our per-diem, so I didn’t understand. It was later when the issue unfolded that I got to know that they used the bribe money to buy the phones which were being sold at the hotel’s reception,” Obed Ansah stated.

Damba was later suspended by the GFA as the Black Meteors lost the match by 4-2.


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