JUST IN:  GTV Sends Strong Message To Kevin Taylo; Trouble Lands -Check Full Message

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JUST IN:  GTV Sends Strong Message To Kevin Taylo; Trouble Lands -Check Full Message

One of Ghana’s best media houses, GTV Ghana, has responded to Kevin Taylor, the CEO of Loud Silence Media, after he said bad things about the state-owned media house.

It all started when Kevin Taylor took to social media to complain that GTV was reporting his Facebook page and almost all of his live videos to Meta. Kevin Taylor says it is difficult for him to go live on Facebook these days because his page gets so many reports, most of which come from GTV.


In response, GTV told Kevin Taylor that they are not responsible for this kind of mass reports of his account. However, GTV did say that they have turned on the Rights Manager feature on their Meta platform, which helps them protect all their online content.

Below is the full statement from GTV Ghana To Kevin Taylor
GBC as an entity is not reporting Loud Silence Media to Facebook.

However, GBC has activated the Rights Manager option on its Meta platform that helps the station to copyright all of its online content.

Hence, any online media house that uses GBC content without being listed as a partner of GBC will be flagged by Meta not GBC.

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The decision to use this copyright system became necessary after GBC observed a series of deliberate abuse of its content by various online media entities and a commercializing of its content.
Following the decision to use this platform, GBC has received several complaints from media houses and individuals and even government organizations on strikes against content they post on their platforms.

GBC subsequently set-up a technical committee to work on the complaints and to rectify them as soon as it is detected leading to the resolution of most of the issues.

In the case of Loud Silence Media, the technical team realized that he had used some of GBC’s content in his production. A case in point is a publication on December 15, 2022, ( https://bit.ly/3HX2Z8N) in this video, it is observed that ( at 2:25:36 – 2:28.00) Loud Silence Media used a footage from our coverage of a Parliamentary Appointment Committee meeting to vet a deputy minister designate.
Even though Loud Silence TV argues they use content under a fair use policy, the system as built by Meta is unable to deduce cases of fair right usage and so the strike applies anyway.
We are however quick to add that based on how the system works, there may be instances where content not belonging to us may receive a strike because they look similar to ours and the system is unable to differentiate.

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We have not set forth to stifle Loud Silence Media and we won’t do so. Our technical team is also of the view that the strikes being experienced by Loud Silence Media cannot be why it has failed to upload its content, since we have not informed Meta to restrict them.

Our technical team will in the next 48 hours reach out to Loud Silence Media and to assist them resolve any issues they have if it is within our powers to do so.

With All Due Respect – Loud Silence Media

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