JUST IN: Government Finally Agrees To Pay COLA But Will Consider 15%, Ghanaian’s Massively React-CHECK.

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Considering the increase in the prices of goods and services, the salary of workers should be increased as well especially that of government workers for no increments has been done to theirs but government officials have seen a huge increment in their salaries. This has caused some civil servant unions to lay down their tools and embark on a strike action over a proposed 20% allowance tagged as

These unions initially had a close negotiations with government over their proposal of the 20% Cost Of Living Allowance and were given no assurance hence their decision to go on strike.

In a news sited on TV3 via their official twitter page is a final decision taken by government to consider the plight of these unions. Government is considering paying 15% instead of the proposed 20% by these unions in order to get them back to post and is set to have effect from 1st July this year. This means m, when their July salary for this year is ready, the 15% Cost Of Living Allowance will be added then it continues.

Many concerned citizens disagree with government’s decision for an inflation rated at 28.7% presently does not correspond with a 15% salary increment. This and many more comments were recorded and below are some of the reactions I gathered:

SOURCE: Twitter.com/TV3news
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