JUST IN: Cracks Deepen In NDC Ahead of 2024 Elections; Hon. Murtala Mohammed And His Predecessor Hon. Inusah Fuseini Clash On Live TV; Shocking Details Drop

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JUST IN: Cracks Deepen In NDC Ahead of 2024 Elections; Hon. Murtala Mohammed And His Predecessor Hon. Inusah Fuseini Clash On Live TV; Shocking Details Drop

There was some confrontation between former Member of Parliament for Tamale Central, Inusah Fuseini and the incumbent MP of the same constituency, Ibrahim Murtala Mohammed, during a show on Pan Africa Television.

During the show, Murtala phoned in to question why Inusah Fuseini mentioned his name claiming he made some allegations about seeking legal advice from him.


The MP thought Inusah Fuseini should have called him to inquire whether or not he said what is reported rather than sit on air to attack him and also share personal information on the matter.

“In the first place, my attention has been drawn to the fact that my senior brother honourable Inusah Fuseini mentioned my name on the program and I am shocked. In the first place if you heard that I sat on the program and made a statement and according to him someone told him, I said I won’t take legal advice from him was true, I thought that he easily would have called the station to find out if I mentioned his name or at least call me.

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“If he had done that, I am sure you people would have told him I never mentioned his name on the programme. At least I would have also said I never mentioned his name on the program. Now for him to come on the programme and say they told him and that he doesn’t think I will talk about him, and went ahead and say that I ever sought his legal advice when my car was impounded is the lowest I will expect from a senior brother. You were not the only one I called,” Murtala Mohammed said.

He added that “…I never insinuated anything against you and as a senior brother the least you could do, was to sit there to talk about a private conversation I had with you in a matter of illegal impounding of my car. Do you want me to share every private information we shared? I beg you I think we can avoid that.”

Inusah Fuseini, after listening to Murtala Mohammed, said he did not mention his name and that he was responding to comments by people who claim that the latter jammed him by saying he won’t take legal advice from him (Inusah Fuseini).

“I didn’t come here to respond to you and I didn’t come here interested in how many people you spoke to. Listen to me, what I sought to do is simply what people drew my attention to and that is why I said it could not be me. Even here at this station, some people formed the impression it was me you were responding to. I never said you said Inusah, I said there were insinuations, or you didn’t listen to what I said.”

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